The Client

Ancorotti Cosmetics is a leading manufacturer of products for cosmetics, which manufactures products for third parties of its formulation, mainly mascara. The lines with repetitive formulation are constantly being replaced by creating new products that anticipate trends in make-up. In addition to the production of mascara, Ancorotti fills and packages its products using machine semi-automatic and manual. The types of sales are bulk, fill service and full service.


as been chosen already in the start-up company covering initially the basic accounting and billing processes to spread within the company covering all the business processes. Warehouse management, production management, manufacturing account and the exact determination of the cost of the product are the Ancorotti’s key elements that bring real added value to the adoption of a management system. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV it has found a more coherent response to the expectations. The company was young and dynamic and had the need to have rapidly an efficient and effective as well as simple to use. Moreover, the processes and procedures were being defined and the help of an international system already established in the market that possessed inside of predefined solutions already represented an important help for starting.

The Solution

ancorotti_3The particularity of the type of company, however, required an adjustment of management system that had to be made quickly and at reasonable cost for a start-up. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV it was possible, in a short time to organize and launch the system including the specific features of the company’s business model. The processes about the accounting, the purchases and also the sales were quickly implemented thanks to the add-on for specific processes related to the Italian localization of the product. Some customizations related to the bidding process and acquisition order (Identity Card of the product) were quickly introduced and launched. In a next step it was decided to start the key-processes to the success of the company:

Manufacturing: the production department of mascara and packaging departments have been implemented and initiated by a logic of total automation of records related to goodwill and the conclusion of the the manufacturing process of each lots.
Weighing Components: the weighing of components of production has been fully automated through the use of PDAs and weighing machines connected to the network that allow a complete automation of the process and a control over the components of the formula to achieve
Stock: it has started a complete warehouse management using palmtop and management costs for the preparation of formulas to start in production.
Manufacturing Account: it has started a complete management of the relationship with the account provider working with the management of warehouses at the sub-contractors.


ancorotti_4The company has acquired a detailed knowledge of the actual cost of the product that is critical to this business model, given the trend of margins for the work for third parties. This benefit is realized simplifying the the processes and speeding up management of information that must be provided to the system. This benefit is realized simplifying the processes and speeding up management of information that must be provided to the system. For both items purchased for those products that the system detects all components of cost and estimated operating costs is that those taxes providing the basis for commercial negotiations and buying.
The automatic warehouse management lets you to easily manage all transactions updating stock and availability. The automation of the management of weighbridges allows an accuracy in the consumption of the products actually used in production. The automatic calculation of the time of the production cycle allows an accurate assessment of the costs of production. The simplicity and the integration of the quality management process has allowed deal with a problematic cost-vital and mandatory for the industry. The system allows full traceability of the product and connect with their certificates of quality to show off. With automation of the process of contract work is clearer the schedule of these activities, the situation of stocks with third parties and the monitoring of compliance of the contractual terms. In general, the adoption of the system and introduced the automatic simplification process has allowed get better results with a number of employees.