The Client

For over 30 years Dellas produces diamond tools, obtained by sintering, for cutting and processing a stone, marble, agglomerate, granite and stone-like material.
Since 1982 has headquarters and factory in high Valpantena, near Verona. Now has one hundred employees and a turnover of about 20 million. The constant commitment and passion for research, testing, automation of production processes and its focus on quality, have allowed it in the years to gain market increasingly prestigious expanding its activities.

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Dellas was looking for a great ERP system to support the needs of growth, particularly on the international market. The need for rationalization of the technical data of the product was the focus: the management of the “recipes” PCD segments and the configurable composition of the tool sold. Also important was the need to better control the production and planning of supply and production through a rigorous system MRP. Finally, we considered the commercial needs of the Company: the sales area is marked not only by the configuration of the product, but also the management of particular contracts with customers. The management of a distribution network of agents has revealed needs for CRM and Enterprise Portal.

The Solution

A simple and effective response to these needs was found in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The implementation made it possible to obtain an integrated management process and ensuring the uniqueness of corporate data. The business use of the new features of Microsoft Dynamics AX, with the choice to preserve as possible the use of the standard features, has limited to the minimum the number of customizations and allowed, in less time, reduced the construction of a new system informative. The technical data for the production of diamond segments obtained by sintering process cornerstone of the company, have found their rightful place in the bills of materials and in the Microsoft Dynamics AX cycles, and to solve the problem of the configurability of diamond tools have been used the extensive use of the Product Configurator. Other product qualifying aspects of realization were the implementation of the Shop Floor Control and the management of contracts with the customers.


Rationalization of product configurations allowed an optimization of data and better management of “recipes” of the diamond segments. In particular, the Product Configurator, native module ERP with great potential, has overcome a situation always critical allowing to automatically generate bills of material and cycles of the tools and manage them fully integrated with planning and advancement production. Thanks to the new ERP Microsoft, the company management can now have a complete picture of the business situation: the production flows in a consistent sales, automatically optimizing the incorporation of requirements and orders, and the recognition of the costs of production is timely and accurate . Finally, the automation of customer contracts makes it operationally simple, safe and controlled the unfolding of this important business process.