The Client

Fami, founded in 1929, is a leading company in Europe in the field of furniture industry. It offers a wide range of products (40,000 sales items) as boxes, plastic containers, shelvings, industrial cabinets, workbenches and equipment for commercial vehicles with the “Store Van” brand. The company, which has grown over the past 20 years by opening 5 foreign branches (Poland, China, Germany, Switzerland and Austria), has more than 15,000 customers worldwide. Today the group has 390 employees and authorized distributors in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.


Fami tried one centralized ERP solution to manage and have control over the worldwide activities. The major fears were related to the levels of guaranteed services, such as telecommunications with the Far East areas. For security, the company wanted another installation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in Shanghai waiting to get a certainty about the performance of data transfer and the application on a central server in Italy. He was looking for a managerial system to connect people and activities in the world and organize an inter-company system integrated to handle all companies in a single platform. From a business point of view, Fami wanted uniformity of total trade policies and a real optimization of storage and inventory, as well as to reduce inventory levels and achieve a higher level of service, since that production is organized with both logical production to order is in stock.

The Solution

fami_1The implementation project based on Microsoft Sure Step Methodology has been divided into sequential steps related to each other, with the use of two different operational tools, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft SharePoint Portal. So general and specific problems have been addressed and resolved with a single winning vision, minimizing the time spent on the project with optimum tools specific. The biggest challenge was to reduce a large amount of data, managerial and descriptive (managed through SharePoint) so as to make it easier and faster analysis, and enable managers to make the right decisions very quickly. Thanks to the flexibility of the product, the information system has also been integrated in real time with a product configurator for setting up of commercial vehicles. The solution is now being extended to abroad business locations in Austria and Germany, which follow soon the implementation of the Polish office.


fami_2The most tangible results were the control warehouse stock, production scheduling, statistical analysis and real-time integration with the Microsoft Office package. Now the purchase concern only what is really needed and planned. Another result was the significant reduction of the time of avoidance of customer orders. The contracts acquired by the distribution companies and the different business units have been made automatic, with various additions and intercompany procedures, dramatically reducing the workload of the functions of customer service. The overall view of the manufacturing needs has allowed us to drive more correctly the production of the plastic industry, overcoming the logic of safety stocks and reorder points through the adoption of a plan aimed at satisfying the actual needs. The most obvious overall outcome is the financial benefit.