The Client

From the Osio Sotto Headquarters (Italy), with production and sales branches in Italy, UK, Germany, India, China, USA, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong and Hungary and also with the other Companies of the Group, like Verri (Italy), Tyler (USA) and LM Liftmaterial (Germany), the Sematic Group operates worldwide, with a sales organization and distribution that covers both traditional markets that nations in strong growth as China, India and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of Sematic production, is able to satisfy even the most complex request. Since 2006 the Company has set the goal to go beyond the expectations of customers, providing solutions to greater reliability and efficiency lift industry, through the pursuit of production and the continuous improvement of products, processes and services.

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sematic2To conform the production and optimize the activities, the Headquarter has defined a „model“ that would ensure central control and safeguards local specificities. Then needed a software solution that was built for all business areas in order to harmonize the flows and processes and accompany business strategies in different scenarios and markets. In this scenario, Sematic has chosen the MHT international experience on global and large-scale projects, coordinated central and national implementations on various Group companies. The complete adaptability of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution and the expertise by MHT have allowed the coordination and control of all phases of the project.

The Solution

sematic3Own skills proven, MHT was also responsible for the coordination, management and training of local Microsoft partners involved in the different countries. MHT implements the solution Microsoft Dynamics AX exclusively following the methodology Microsoft Sure Step divided in phases. The areas strongly involved are currently: Administration, Purchasing, Sales, Quality and Production. In addition, the solutions adopted are the MHT Add-On created specifically for the Italian market.
Infrastructure dedicated to the effective management, they are used 8 servers with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard while the 150 current clients include Microsoft Windows 7. From this point of view of technology, the Group has adopted the standardization desired, while for foreign offices has used Citrix.


The project represents to the realization of a strategic evolution in the future that will allow the Group Sematic to adapt quickly and timely to the needs of complex and competitive business. MHT will maintain constant attention to these continuous changes, with investments on the Microsoft Dynamics AX and the problems of the project, keeping updated its resources and adapting to the demands of the Sematic Group.