The Client

Tamoil Italia S.p.A. is the italian business of the Group Oilinvest (Netherlands) B.V. . The mission of the holding company is focused on economic growth, environmental sustainability and social commitment.
Tamoil Italia S.p.A. directly managing:
• Supplying of Oil Product
• Strategic Planning
• Distribution strategy and sales channels of Oil Products within territories (approx. 1.800 Oil Station, referred to 74 on highway) and extra-territorial sales networks.
In Italy, the market share of Tamoil sales network is 7.2%; the turnover amounted to 5.2 bn euro profit for 2011.


tamoil_2The company has launched a loyalty program direct to customers, with the management of loyalty cards. In addition to this system of collecting information on final customers, Tamoil has managed fuel cards (MyCard ®) and the Telepass Premium loyalty program. In addition, the company had a complex IT infrastructure with SAP ERP solutions for business management, the Microsoft Dynamics AX software for the purchase of fuel card management MyCard® and a different system for managing loyalty cards.
After over 200 service requests per day from end users through multiple channels (calls, fax and email) managing with more contact centers and simple tools for individual use, the company has recognized the need to implement a specific solution for tracking the incoming calls divided by topics and being able to direct them with aligned answers It was therefore created a single help desktop level with a CRM solution for five users. The integration ability with the existing systems and the corporate PBX was the key requirement in the software selection.

The Solution

tamoil_3Microsoft Dynamics CRM has won the software selection for the simplicity, the scalability, and the full functionality, already oriented to the standard required by the Tamoil Management.
Moreover MHT has provided Loyalty.CRM, an add-on fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, specific for managing the loyalty card service. Also this package of features is integrated with the loyalty management system already used by Tamoil. Today the CRM solution contains data about the card owners, the records of the cards and the points balance statement. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhances the entire IT solutions company so the help desk knows all the informations for tracking the support tickets and answering to any request. It also manages the data of over 700.000 cards about the loyalty program and the mycard® service. The timing of the first step of the project implementation was essential as well as the client requested and it was really fast. In fact, in less than three months, the CRM solution was enforced the software solution. During the first step we optimized the integration between the CRM with telephone exchange to speed up the response times and support the data capture by the telephone operators through the call classification based on the customer selections.
The next steps of the project include the integration of Dynamics CRM with the second level help desk for managing all the information, by adding more than 20 users.


tamoil_4The Microsoft Dynamics CRM project implementation has been enhanced very quickly, in less then three months, thanks to the solution flexibility and the other Microsoft applications already used wich helped a simply gain understanding of the CRM platform. Now Tamoil has a unique CRM solution for the contact center management with the streamline information and the quantification of the workload in real time so that means much time savings to collect and analyze the data and the work automation of the back-office team. The users are very satisfied with the solution they use because the CRM has facilitated their work and brought tangible benefits, such as integration with the individual e-mail system. Finally, the integration with the corporate portal lets a new way to receive the support tickets via web.
Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Tamoil Italia S.p.A. has been able to open new business channels.