The Client

“THUN CLUB wants to create a magical world in which to bring together all those who love THUN and to make each one a “special” member”. This is the mission of Thun Spa, South Tyrolean company founded in 1950 by the Counts Otmar and Lene Thun in the wine cellars of the Klebenstein’s castle. The founders are lovers of handicrafts and ceramics and they have always tried to give a “personal” form to the small objects decorated with great skill. After more than 50 years of activity, the Thun is now an international brand, which includes a wide assortment of gift items in ceramic, porcelain and elegant service.


Thun Spa needed to manage the relationships with retailers and final consumers to maintain safely and uniquely information collected. The corporate needed to manage the information registry but also the information relating to the commercial activities of the agents and internal staff Thun, the information about the reports received orders via the web portal company, the calls to the switchboard and the email: a way to not disperse reports on products, furniture shops, marketing campaigns, contracts and claims. In the second case, instead, Thun needed a system that preserve the data of emails and phone calls, essential need for a company like Thun, who always tries to improve their image and customer loyalty. Thun wanted a single solution to centrally manage all these data, carrying out the update in a timely and systematic arrival of new inputs and distributing it who properly authorized.

The Solution

thun1Microsoft Dynamics CRM It was chosen because it is able to collect in a single system many vital information for society. It integrates perfectly with the tools designed for individual use of Microsoft Office, the information system and Microsoft Exchange. Dynamics CRM, thanks to its solid structure and flexibility, allowing it to be used in different contexts in a transparent way to the user, to populate and maintain information in an easy and effective way. Working on the same platform but with different interfaces, all users involved, from final consumers to the top management have real-time situation of the client and can operate for a more rapid and effective. The solution has been enhanced with add-ons MHT to control the variation on records management and CRM integration with all enterprise systems present.


The ability to operate on a fully integrated platform with the familiar Microsoft Office applications, which contains all the information needed to work everyday, increased workforce productivity in many operational areas of the company. Multiple manuals daily activities have been replaced by automatic processes that they, first, are routing information in the right channels and they predispose classification. The added value of the solution is just given by the classification of the information and their reports available to the sales force. This will not only facilitate the procurement and maintenance but you can analyze the data in order to evaluate the strategies undertaken and hypothesize new goods. Dynamics CRM allows you to the District Manager, the retailers and the consumers to be in direct contact with each other and with the company.