The Client

Vree Health Italy is a company of MSD Italy corporate group, fully dedicated to the realization and commercialization of solutions and services to healthcare, based health software, addressed to citizens, health care facilities, doctors and pharmacists. The mission is to design, develop and offer innovative solutions to improve the quality of citizens life and support the health system to supply services of excellence, in an environment increasingly aware of the health promotion and rational use of resources.


Vree Health was established as a trading company of service, a spin-off of the group MSD Italy. He lived a pilot phase, during that the clinical portal has been develop; a trial period of assessment of the business and the interests of the market. When starting the real start-up it became necessary two management solutions, an ERP and a CRM international solution: expected, in fact, a development of the business in other countries for the Group MSD. Another key element sought in the two new systems was the flexibility, a prerequisite for business in evolution that it could have a necessity of not expected customizations to be implemented quickly during works. In addition, particularly important was the integration with external systems, including the first clinical portal, a medical software certificated in CE Class IIa, suitable by web and mobile applications. Finally, given the nature of the company, the cost of implementation had to be contained and in timing very rapid. After a software selection in collaboration with Gartner, which took into consideration many Enterprise platforms and a short list that included both Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, the choice fell on Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the ease of the integration and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The Solution

vree_1The implementation project of Microsoft Dynamics AX, using the deployment methodology Rapid of Microsoft Sure Step, was completed in 6 months. The main customizations have seen the creation of specific registries required by the healthcare world. The main customizations have seen the creation of registries specifications required by the health care world. The integration with the clinical portal has been realized through the development of web-services, in order to guarantee the real-time interaction of the two systems: in this way, Microsoft Dynamics AX has become the master of all the registries, usable from any browser and by any device. The management of the service ticket has been reviewed and enhanced, also to allow the fruition via web by users outside the organization. Special care has been paid to the profiling of user roles to ensure access security and data privacy. The Supply Chain is completely managed in Microsoft Dynamics AX from purchase orders to the handling of medical devices and tracking of serial numbers of the devices and diagnostic monitoring (required by law). Have been implemented also features relating to the management of the budget and control the issuance of purchase orders. It is currently being started the integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in order to monitor and provide an advanced tool for the sales force of Vree Health. An international solution like Microsoft Dynamics AX, which has been integrated Ibp.AX, the MHT add-on for the management of the Italian tax system, that guarantees the use in any country of the group, so much that is in progress a pilot project in Germany.


Among the main benefits that the system provides, there is the full support at the operations that Vree Health was looking for, holding in balance the control and the flexibility. The integration with the external systems is another important goal, made it possible by the involvement of all partners and the use of the best technology integration. The next step, on this road, will be the integration of the sales force with Microsoft CRM. The logic used in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, completed by the typical ERP multi-company and multi-entity functionality, have allowed us to build a business model quickly and easily replicable in different countries, ensuring the required scalability.