MHT for Variant Production and Configuration (ATO)

The particular needs of companies in the world of commodity production and long experience have led MHT to develop a specific expertise in the field.

Companies that  work with Customized Assembly (ATO) units provide the customer with a shorter delivery time, tending to be assembled and shipped, with a product that has the desired and selected features. All with the need to keep inventories in the warehouse as much as possible restrained due to the need to produce on demand forecasts related to the availability of top-tier components of the batch. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (along with the previous version of Microsoft Dynamics AX), MHT is able to manage the complexities of these companies.

Plan and schedule ATO production

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (along with the previous version of Dynamics AX) is the ideal solution for manufacturing and in particular for ATO production, for a delivery on time or on budget, thanks to the integration with the IoT, to optimized logistics In lean logic and user friendly WMS and Shop Floor Management.

  • Internationalism

    MHT met Sematic’s internationalization needs, which required a model to harmonize productions and optimize activities, ensuring central control and safeguarding local specifics.

  • Flows and processes in different markets

    The integrated software solution Microsoft Dynamics AX has been adopted for all business areas in order to harmonize flows and processes and accompany business strategies across the various scenarios and markets.

  • Digital transformation and specific Add-Ons

    The digital revolution brought by MHT involved Administration, Purchasing, Sales, Quality and Production and the MHT solutions adopted are add-ons specially created for the Italian market.

  • Governance and management control

    One of the needs solved and covered was the creation and management of unified and centralized governance and control.