MHT ERP for the Chemical Industry

Thanks to its experience in the Chemical Industry, MHT has developed ChemAX. Based on the international ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX, it meets the typical needs of the industry such as raw material purchasing, production, logistics, highly variable product prices and traceability.

Chemical Industry

The most complex processes within the Chemical Industry can be managed more effectively and be better integrated using ChemAX and Microsoft Dynamics AX. MHT has developed an IT business solution specifically designed for the production area, quality control, warehouse management and to comply with stringent national and international regulations.

  • Quality guaranteed

    ChemAX provides punctual quality control in compliance with national and international standards allowing complete traceability of the materials depending on the chemical-physical properties of each production. MHT has developed a vertical solution that helps monitor constantly the equipment and performance of its staff and suppliers.

  • Punctual Production

    ChemAX analyses the commercial forecasts by evaluating accurately demand trends with in order to predict the production patterns of each specific client. As a result, it is possible to plan and assess the availability of materials to produce and purchase, manage workloads and assess the overall economic impact.

ChemAX, the business management solution developed by MHT on the international ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX, responds to specific production and logistics needs typical of the Chemical Industry. In recent years, raw material price fluctuations, competition from emerging markets, technological innovations, the constant demand for shorter delivery times and the need to comply with new increasingly stringent regulations have caused frenetic changes. It is vital for the management information system of a Chemical company to be flexible and able to adapt quickly to evolving scenarios, without losing the characteristics specific to the Industry. ChemAX overcomes all these problems.

MHT Life Science

The particular needs of companies in the world of Life Sciences and the long experience of MHT in this area have led to the development of a specific solution, LifeSDy, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. LifeSDy is designed to meet the specific problems of purchasing, production and logistics, in compliance with the stringent international regulations that govern biomedical and pharma sectors.

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MHT for the Plastics

In the Plastic Industry, the productions are very different and they are characterized by the uncertainty material costs due to oil prices. PlastAX, the IT business solution developed by MHT, let effectively manage the production of plastics. Based on the international ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX, the vertical solution MHT responds to the production, the logistics and the quality control requirements.

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MHT Discounts / Commissions

Dystribuire.AX is the MHT business solution that helps Retail companies to manage the discounts and the commissions during the sale process. Based on the ERP software application Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dystribuire.AX guarantees the efficiency and the complete control of all information that underlie a sale.

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