MHT for Engineering to Order

Thanks to its experience in the industry, and the successful partnership with Netherlands society AXtension, MHT has identified for companies that manage large-scale projects an ERP solution specific to view a complete task, resources and materials.

Planning and Scheduling

The companies that engine to order need to completely monitor the cost and the resources necessary to respond quickly to any problems, step by step and project by project. MHT has identified VPP AXtension, the optimal ERP solution for Project Managers who manage large contracts, developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Planning support

    VPP lets you graphically organize projects, materials and resources. then You can connect to the people and/or equipment and their expertise and skills to specific project activities (task).

  • Immediacy

    VPP, The solution identified by MHT, can be configured quickly and easily and lets you manage jobs and recurring projects, clearly identifying the exceptions. The solution provides capabilities of reprogramming „drag and drop“.

  • Project management

    VPP will alert the Project Manager of any non-compliance in the planning and makes sure the progress of the project based on hours recorded. The solution chosen by MHT supports the views of the reference lines of planning and multiple scenarios, that allow easily compare different scheduling options potentials, indicating also the detailed breakdown of all jobs.

The companies that manage large-scale projects, but who can rely on limited resources, need for, functional and fully integrated simple tools, can increase efficiency. Project managers need to balance the resource usage and the length of projects to ensure the achievement of the objectives. The planner must also be able to promptly identify conflicts, problems related to the capacity and requirements of the articles. To answer these and other complex needs of “Engineering to Order” companies, MHT has selected a solution, VPP’s AXtension, a partner from the Netherlands, developed specifically for the Microsoft Dynamics AX and proposed to its customers successfully.

MHT Life Science

Several international standards and constant innovation characterize the life of pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. The key issue is that the solution ERP covers so widespread all processes while ensuring control and flexibility. LifeSDY is the vertical solution specific to the Pharma and Biomedical world, developed on Microsoft Dynamics AX by MHT.

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MHT for the Plastics

In the Plastic Industry, the productions are very different and they are characterized by the uncertainty material costs due to oil prices. PlastAX, the IT business solution developed by MHT, let effectively manage the production of plastics. Based on the international ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX, the vertical solution MHT responds to the production, the logistics and the quality control requirements.

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MHT Discounts / Commissions

Dystribuire.AX is the MHT business solution that helps Retail companies to manage the discounts and the commissions during the sale process. Based on the ERP software application Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dystribuire.AX guarantees the efficiency and the complete control of all information that underlie a sale.

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