MHT Report CRM

MHT has developed Attach.CRM, an application specifically designed to enable companies to streamline repetitive and automatic communications with their stakeholders, within Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, and provide effective report management.


With the module Attach.CRM, MHT extends the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage and distribute reports in a fast and automated way, to streamline communications, inside and outside the company: from confirming orders and updating lists, to sending commercial statistic reports and welcome messages to new contacts.

  • Simplifying operations

    MHT’s application allows to speed up and reduce repetitive tasks, increasing the level of satisfaction and commitment of the users/employees by managing communications with their employees, suppliers and customers, in real time, thus increasing productivity.

  • Optimizing customer communications

    Attach.CRM is a solution that integrates the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by improving communications with the company’s customers, thanks to the automatic generation of reports that collect information about customers and orders, by automating the process and reducing response time.

  • Advanced sales reporting

    MHT has created an ad hoc solution for CRM reporting: Attach.CRM allows the systematic distribution of sales trend reports from the Sales Division to the Commercial Management. Furthermore, the MHT add-on integrates Microsoft functionality by introducing the Ticket Opening notification for after-sales assistance.

Attach.CRM, the CRM reporting module by MHT, has great potential for use in multiple business areas. From confirming orders and updating lists, to sending commercial statistic reports and welcome messages to new contacts: it helps simplify all the information that must be distributed to customers, potential customers, employees and suppliers of the CRM solution.

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MHT Data Communication

The MHT solution, InfoShare.CRM, integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, is used to distribute information in particular entities of CRM Microsoft by sending email. Using it, sales and customer service will have many advantages.

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MHT Mapping

MHT integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an application able to monitor companies through an interactive map, economically and geographically. Maps.CRM allows to associate all the information relating to a company thanks to a geo-location server that automatically positions the entities within an interactive map.

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MHT Data Connector

The MHT solution, DataConnector.CRM, integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, is thought to manage migration and integration of data. DataConnector.CRM connects the Microsoft’s CRM database to other databases, allowing the exchange of information between different platforms.

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