The Client

ATV S.p.A. is a privately owned Company established in February 2006 with the mission to serve the energy industry with high quality flow control technology. The Company is located in Colico, 100km North Milan on the east shore of lake Como. ATV is operated by a team of dynamic and skilled engineers with strong background in product design and manufacturing.
The Company has established major R&D capabilities with dedicated facilities which supports the development of new technologies in flow control applications and of custom-made special products.
ATV offers to Customers a partnering approach which is particularly important in the current market situation with fast-track projects.
Provide flow control solutions to the most demanding requirements of the Oil & Gas upstream and downstream industry, oil and gas transmission, Power industry (conventional and nuclear).


26aThe business growth and the resulting increase in data volume and the complexity of business processes, in addition to the need for a more extensive functional coverage, particularly in the areas of planning and production by contract, led the ATV management to look for a new ERP solution. The company had a situation information fragmented and no longer able to adequately support the business needs. The new ERP be offered advanced features within the planning, specifically the integrated management system scheduler production with finished capacity and, given the adoption of ATV of a production model with the significant involvement of third-party suppliers, even the production integration into external factory account, in order to ensure the highest quality and flexibility to our customers. During the Software Selection with leading international ERP software, it was selected Microsoft Dynamics AX, that is able to completely satisfy the specific of ATV in the management of contracts and projects, while also offering advanced control and management of quality. During the Software Selection, MHT has shown the reliability and experience like a qualified partner about the ERP solution and the ATV industry sector. Another need of the company was the informational change related to cost control-providing management with timely and accurate information in the energy marketplace that is quite fickle and unstable.

The Solution

P1050617The Company and the MHT partners have decided to give special attention to the design phase of the solution, passing for the development of a prototype, as a “model” that would make the best decision for your setting. Thanks to this approach, has developed a strategy of the project in three phases.
The first phase involved the complete replacement of systems “legacy”, the adoption of a treasury system and the development and set up of all the advanced features of subcontracting (with the adoption of Tpm.AX, the MHT add-on). A key factor for the success of the go-live was the careful attention paid to the migration of the entire order backlog. This approach has made it linear and easier to switch from the old to the new information system.
The second phase was needed a challenging implementation in the areas of planning, programming and production scheduling, in order to extend and enhance Microsoft Dynamics AX to meet the specific needs of ATV that has to manage a very large number of production orders simultaneously active and with a life of several months. Moreover, the management and correct identification of bottlenecks in production now enables ATV to take action in time to meet customer needs and prepare in a timely manner tactical and strategic remedial.
The third phase, still in progress, will complete the coverage of the solution on different areas like quality management, process management and production of non-compliance of the project management. Specifically, it will be consider the opportunity to introduce schedule constraints related to non-compliance phase and the possibility to completely synchronize the manufacturing operations and the testing, with the schedules of technicians and customer inspectors during the testing phase and the final approvals.


The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX has improved production processes and subcontracting, allowing an advanced management of manufacturing stages with the possibility to involve more third parties in the same phase, providing more visibility of business data and therefore greater speed of action and reaction .
With this punctual and reach information about the activities of the different business areas, that are now integrated and immediately consulted, the ATV , management thinking about changes that improve performance, especially in the production field.

ATV and MHT have reached a real professional partnership where the mutual transfer of “know-how” will have strategic advantages in the near future.