The Client

Colorificio San Marco is a classic example of process industries operating in the field of paints for building. The problems of the sector are widely represented thanks to the breakdown of the various types of production in specific dedicated factories. The Group, with 7 worldwide production sites and 6 brands, is one of the first companies in the field of paints and varnishes for professional construction in Italy. The coverage is guaranteed by the widespread presence of the Centres of Professional Application, specialized in products and services for professional and private users. Abroad, through specialized distributors, San Marco Group is present in more than 40 countries around the world.


The commercial structure and the productive, thanks to a strategy that aims at increasing internationalization and continuous and significant investments in both production and in R&D, is constantly expanding. The former information system was not able to support business development in an effective manner, lacking the necessary international coverage and advanced business logic to meet the growing needs of business communication in an overall view of integration that enables you to create a unique business model for all the various locations in both Italian and foreign. The primary need was therefore the adoption of an integrated ERP system, flexible and able to operate effectively in very different realities and actually differentiated market both in Italy and in several foreign countries.

The Solution

colorificio_san_marco_1The choice fell on Microsoft Dynamics AX for the broad spectrum of functional coverage offered by the solution in a logic that allows you to easily integrate aspects of the process, different and complex business logic, the need for immediate communication between the different business areas, availability and usability of the data where and when needed. The need to provide a single management model also to the different foreign Group companies rather than to its distributors and retailers could only address the choice towards an ERP application with extended functional characteristics, international coverage through different locations and ease of use. The selection of the partner and the software, conducted with the help of a company that specializes in consulting, has led to MHT, chosen for its expertise in relation to the application chosen and the documented experience in the implementation of information systems in industrial environments. The extremely short time of operation of the new ERP (abt 8 months), is the best proof of how the cooperation of San Marco Group and MHT have been able to produce a good result of project that it has retained all the initial expectations.


colorificio_san_marco_2From an economic perspective, the first tangible benefit in a short time was the reduction of inventories. The visibility “forward” plan offered by Microsoft Dynamics AX has led to a significant reduction in the volume of goods (both finished products and raw materials) resulting in a financial benefit in terms of purchases of financial fixed assets. The acquisition of sales orders got a simplification that allows the analysis and handling in a shorter time. This result has also beneficial effects on the planning and the production loads, which are linear.
The control of the conditions of sale, through a parameterization of discounts and price lists, takes place in a fully automatic manner, resulting in addressing and control of the activities of the sales force in agreement with trade policies decided by the management.