The Client

Founded in 1905 by the family Mamé, the Forgiatura Mamé Spa has become an important player of transformation and processing of steel in more than a century. Founded as a small company in Milan, currently has 170 employees and a turnover of approximately 140 million Euros. It also has a full machine park, which includes all establishments dedicated to the entire production process in order to respond to any customer’s needs, so as to arrive to get forgings up to 40,000 kg. A great professionalism of the team is reflected in the quality of the product.


To differentiate themselves from the competition, Forgiatura Mamé plans to invest not only on the production capacity, but above all on the quality of service offered to its customers. Particular attention to the management of prestigious clients, such as primary companies in the world, operating in the construction of large plants and power plants, with a special attention to the world of renewable energy. The customer wanted to give them the ability to monitor in real time the progress of orders and access to documentation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was chosen as a flexible and technologically advanced as technological platform, in order to create a system with which to interact with the many parties involved in the business.

The Solution

The solution adopted after careful software selection phase was Microsoft Dynamics CRM, integrated to the MHT Customer Portal for web-based management of customer relationships.
The first phase of the project was to focus on improving processes for interfacing with the customer, starting from an articulated registry management, a complete tracking of contacts, a monitoring of the various channels of interaction: phone calls, e-mails, appointments, etc. Thanks to MHT Customer Portal it was also possible to create a new channel of customer interaction to share in real time all the information relating to the management of various orders. The high functional coverage of the Microsoft solution has also allowed to reduce the cost of the project.


With the new solution, Forgiatura Mamé has improved customer focus, moving closer to their specific needs. It managed to give them a versatile tool, practical and easy, thanks to which the customer, in total autonomy, can access the portal, view the status of various orders opened, and download all the documentation related to them (projects documents, photos, progress information, bubbles, service pack and bills). Moreover, thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Portal and MHT, Forgiatura Mamé is able to optimize and reduce the workload of back-office and administration of its resources, giving them the opportunity to concentrate on the production and management more complex.