Italian Accounting with MHT

Thanks to decades of experience in ERP projects, MHT has incorporated in Ibp.AX the features that manage all typical Italian accounting customs and practices. Ibp.AX, Italian Business Practices, is an international add-on for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP

  • Italian operation guaranteed

    The add-on tested and improved over the years thanks to decades of experience with MHT clients, solves any problem related to specific Italian accounting, from quick control requests and necessary automated functions, to managing different languages and taxations even in total accounting integration. Ibp.AX allows multiple structured simulations for communication, review and / or control.

  • Integration with related areas

    Ibp.AX is designed to be fully integrated to form rows of Microsoft Dynamics AX: it facilitates account management vision, the deposit account to customers and discounts in buying/selling. It also allows to close automatically orders delivered and non-billable, forcibly close documents without shipments or loads, enter additional classifications of items and modular lists of purchase / sale on a hierarchical basis.

Discover other MHT add-ons

MHT Vendor Rating

Qpo.AX Vendor Rating is the MHT module, developed within Microsoft Dynamics AX, to allow companies a number of typical features to manage the evaluation of the level of service offered by their suppliers, as required by ISO Certification quality.

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MHT Shipment Management

The management of freight transport is a fundamental requirement for the logistics area, which determines the flow of goods and therefore their timely delivery. Transp.AX, the solution developed by MHT, allows you to control every aspect of the freight, the time and costs to the stage of an expedition, from the planning of the same to the management of the carrier lists.

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MHT Semi-finished Goods

Supplier qualification is for a purchasing department a key element to ensure the timing and quality of the processes. MHT has Qpo.AX enclosed in a number of features that enhance the standard international ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX, so that the classification according to different logics of suppliers, management of the questionnaires and some precious automatism.

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