The Client

The M+Q Granit is a company founded in Switzerland in 1932, specializing in the trade of marbles and quartzites. In 1982, the Italian branch was founded in Marina di Carrara. The group is well positioned and able to meet all the demands of the market with one objective: the satisfaction of all customer needs.


Following the adoption of the information system, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, by the holding company in Switzerland, the Italian branch had to produce data more and more frequently for financial control and managerial, to which was added the need to renew the old information system of the Administration accounting, Sales and Logistics areas. The Italian subsidiary was still requiring have complete local autonomy on the implementation of a new information system. The solution would have to ensure a long use, so it must immediately comply with the national and international accounting standards.

The Solution

The most natural choice for M+Q S.p.A. Italy was the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the solution of the holding company. The well-known complexity to the legal and financial aspects of Italian accounting and the need to use the solution remotely, in a single, integrated application environment with the location in Switzerland and other countries, induced some fear. The flexible platform, however, has guaranteed sufficient independence, and the MHT insights allowed verifying the consistency of the complete standard localization by complying with the institutional obligations.


The ability to use data in a single database of group information has allowed to increase the productivity of the branch, relieving it from production reporting. The add-on of the MHT partner, Ibp.AX, has made available a range of additional features that will complement many daily and widespread practices, supporting in a very satisfactory way the work of the accounting office of the Italian branch. The Microsoft Dynamics AX system has been integrated with the sales data of the local sales management subsystem. The Logistics management has obtained benefits through the ability to operate internationally with the intercompany logic. Finally, users have quickly been able to take advantage of complete integration with the ERP platform.