The Client

Electromechanical company that manufactures and sells home automation products for household and industry, Nice work on both the the international and national market, through subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Poland, Romania, China and the United States. Its turnover is generated abroad for more than 80%, while the remaining 20% is absorbed by the Italian market. All activities are carried out in Italy, through the model of manufacturing account. The company is relatively young: born in 1991, although the core business takes shape after 1994. Today, Nice is a company with a consolidated turnover of EUR 150 million (in 2006) and about 500 employees overall. Each year, the trend of Nice show double-digit growth.


The constant growth and evolution of the business have highlighted the need to implement an international system; also all branches had their own facilities; it was therefore necessary to replace systems on IBM AS/400 platform, in order to implement an international system able to centralize the work of the subsidiaries, who formerly lived a fragmented situation. It also needed a solution at the height of business growth and complexity of managing a group like Nice, which uses a production system completely delocalized, as the manufacturing account, but totally controlled from the headquarters in every phase.

The Solution

nice_1After careful software selection, was chosen Microsoft Dynamics AX, considered the most suitable software for the specific sector of Nice. Microsoft Dynamics AX has provided an integrated management with tools of individual productivity and a unique database, which do detailed analysis in real time. A strong commitment has seen Nice, MHT and Microsoft work together to complete the project successfully. The project was completed in just seven months, and only four months have seen the structural involvement of the corporate staff. Today the whole information system is managed by the headquarters and it’s possible to see in real-time the storage capacity of all providers.


nice_2A software like Microsoft Dynamics AX enables a more simple computerization and integration of the future new locations around the world, as well as centralize all operations, ensuring the data consolidation and management control. The partners selected, MHT and Microsoft, are considered additional benefits: the speed of implementation, the cost compliant with company budgets and the availability of a partner like Microsoft which gives assurance of continuity and development. The ability to centrally manage the system allows to reduce costs, as it works at every level and across multiple locations with a single management system. The delicate process of customization is also controlled and decided by the corporate in order to obtain reports and data unique.