The Client

Olimpias Spa is historically the textile company of the Benetton Group, which also offers services to the apparel companies such as dyeing, washing, quality control and labeling. Pioneering company, which is based first of all on people and their capabilities; is able to capture and satisfy the needs of the fashion world, offering a personalized service to each customer, with great experience but also with innate curiosity and desire to experiment with new solutions. For corporate management are of the strongholds also the search for raw materials and the most valuable skill in interpreting the various processes of the product.


The intense competition present in the textile industry has led the Top Management to undertake a process of diversification of its business. From that intention, over recent years it has been added to the historical divisions a new division specifically dedicated to the distribution of children’s clothing. The leaders of this new division considered essential, for the ambitious growth targets in a mature market, to adopt a CRM solution for managing the sales process and collection orders. Particularly it was paid attention to:
• Easy to use of the solution
• Adaptability of the solution to the specific corporate peculiarities
• Easy to integration to the existing information system
• High functionality and potential for Marketing & Communication area
• Ability to have an environment set up to workflow and notifications of event monitoring

The Solution

After careful software selection phase has been chosen Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the MHT vertical solution, MODADY.CRM, specifically for companies that work in the fashion industry and, more generally, manage collection processes orders according to the logic of „cut and color“ world. With MODADY.CRM it was possible to support business-specific needs related to the management of:
• seasonality of products
• lists
• grid sizes and assortments
• functionality of collection orders specific to the needs of the industry.
MODADY.CRM supports the sales force throughout the collection process ordersby allowing full automation of the process, perfectly integrated with the existing management.


The first benefit reached was able to deploy the system in time for the management of the new campaign, planned only a few months after the beginning of the work for the implementation of CRM – SFA. The result has been achieved thanks to multiple internal factors – such as the strong commitment of the management and the result and the ability of the IT organization – and external factors, such as:
• the MHT expertise on specific sectoral issues acquired from collaboration with leading
• the ability to integrate the solution with the rest of the information system through the use of applications leading global exchange of data between system
• the flexibility and strength of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
• the availability of a specific vertical solution, MODADY.CRM of MHT

The solution was particularly appreciated by the end users: the agents that use it for the collection of orders during the campaigns.