The Client

Somipress was established in 1972, when Armando Elisei together with a group of entrepreneurs started a corporate project centred on the die-casting processes of zinc and aluminium alloys and related activities for the production of gas burners and components for the automobile and household appliance industries.
Today Somipress supplies high-quality die-castings to major companies in the industry and it’s part of SomiGroup, the holding that coordinates the activities of companies in R&D and production in Italy, Romania, Brazil and China, combining the benefits of entrepreneurship to advanced technical specializations local specifications. Emphasis is placed on quality, for which the company is certified:

• ISO9001, for continuous improvement of the Quality
• ISO TS 16949, specifically for Automotive
• ISO 14001, the standard for Environmental Management
• UNI EN 30-1-1, the certification for the Products marked Somipress


somipress1In the business growth context and for the protection of one of its competitive advantages represented by the extreme flexibility of adaptation to the needs of its large customers, for SomiGroup was clear the shortage of its information system. The existing system, based on AS/400 with nine different applications, no longer seemed adjusted to the requirements of uniformity and standardization of logistics-production processes and the government of the Group Companies.
Overall, given the constant innovation of products and services, the company needed to rationalize costs, the review and optimization of the business to improve internal efficiency, the issues of internationalization and more and better relations with suppliers.
Especially, the needs focused in the planning of Production and Purchasing, in the trade control of the customers also in logistical terms, in the integration of quality, in the setting of the dynamics „Intercompany“ and in the Management Control including cost accounting and analytics. After a fine selection, the company chose Microsoft Dynamics AX for its characteristics of application flexibility, rapid adaptation to new requirements and the Microsoft strategy of constantly updated.

The Solution

somipress2The implementation project, set with the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology, saw the realization before a „Model Group“ on Somipress Italy and SomiDesign and subsequent phases of „roll-out“ on the other foreign companies of the Group. With the collaboration of MHT, reference partner for the entire Group, the „model“ was later refined according to local needs, with the involvement of qualified partners in different countries.

The model supports a different areas:

Management Control
– Analytical accounts and processing costs of product derived from logistics and production
– Management of the sales and accounting budget with the reflection on the production and supply needs on the Management Control
– Management Reporting and KPI

Production and Procurement
– Planning of the production chain internal and external
– Rationalization and management vendors with more check of their activities
– Optimization of the logistics flows
– Coordination Group for the R&D and the regulatory of the products
– Informatization of the factory with the Documents workshop, the production progress (SFC) and the data collection from the field (MES)
– Rationalizing purchase flow and fully order tracking
– integrated logistics of Production and Procurement

Business / Logistics
– Commercial Management with EDI, warehouses in „consignment stock“ and update sales lists linked to changes in raw material prices.

– Quality is Managed in the production process with a focus on traceability as required in the Automotive and Appliance

– From the design to the production, the integration of the intercompany flows with the added of the administrative control model of the Group.

After the setup phase and the „go-live“ of the first three companies – Somipress and Somidesign in Italy and Somipress Ningbo in China, is being completed the roll-out of Somipress Romania scheduled for January 2015.


The benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 adoption, with the steps R1 and then R2, and the natural integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office, has allowed SomiGroup a decisive step forward with all updates technical, technological and above applications. Especially, Microsoft Dynamics AX has encouraged a revision of flows and business processes with the streamlining of the Italian and international activities but also the integration with the Intercompany flow and prepare for future needs.
As a group, the main benefit is expressed in the ability to „expand“ the „Model Group“ and „export“ this, in an easily way, on the other companies according to priorities set.
According to the Group’s growth strategy and business priorities, there are implementations in:
• SomiGroup Holding with the setting of the Dynamics AX Business Intelligence and Consolidated Financial Statements tools
• Somipress Brasil like last roll-out of the “Model Group”
• Somipress Italy about the integration with Process Control and HR Management