The herein document regulates access to the company’s website and governs the conditions of use for the site itself. By accessing and consulting this site, the visitor accepts the following terms and conditions of use for the website.

1) Site content

All the data, information and materials in general that concern, for example, software, texts, data, graphics, images, sounds, videos, logos, icons and html codes (“Materials”) present on the company’s website are offered for purely information purposes and are not and must not be interpreted as a commercial offer, a license, a consultancy, or a fiduciary or professional relationship between the visitor and the company. None of the materials supplied on this site intends to replace or prevent an autonomous search for or acquisition of information by the visitor.

2) Copyright and intellectual property

This website is protected by intellectual property rights and is the company’s exclusive property. All the materials contained in it are protected by intellectual property rights are remain the property of the company or of the third-party owner who has granted the company license to use the material. The materials can be used by the visitor for personal purposes but not for commercial purposes in observance of intellectual property rights and any other current regulation in force. Any use other than those set out in the herein conditions of use and any amendment to the content of the company website is forbidden without prior written consent from the company itself. This site may contain images covered by third-party copyright.

3) Links to other websites

The company is in no way responsible for websites which can be accessed via the herein company website. When you access a non-MHT website, even if contains the company logo, it is necessary to remember that it is a website that is independent of the company and that the latter has no control over the content of the website in question. Also, a link to a non-MHT website does not constitute approval or acceptance of liability by the company regarding the content, materials or use of said website. It is the visitor’s responsibility to take any necessary precaution to ensure that any material taken from the site and used does not have any elements of a destructive nature such as a virus, worm, “Trojans” and so forth. The creation of a link between any website to any page of the company website is forbidden without prior written authorization from the company. The companies present on the company website can include a link to the company website on their own website without prior written authorization from the company. The visitor acknowledges that imitating the company website or any similar procedure is forbidden.

4) Guarantees

The company website materials are provided in the state in which they are found and without guarantee of any kind, whether explicit or implicit. Although the information provided is considered to be accurate, the company does not guarantee that the website is without imprecisions, errors and/or omissions, viruses, or other defects or that its content is suitable for a particular use or that it is updated. The company reserves the right to modify the materials at any time. The company does not guarantee any result that derives from using only part of the materials available on the company website. The materials on this website do not add to or modify the guarantee that can be applied to the visitor and which derives from any contractual relationship with the company.

5) Liabilities

Notwithstanding the inviolable limits of the law, the company cannot be held liable for any indirect damage, consequential or incidental, including for example, loss of profit or earnings, to the interruption of trading activity, to the loss of data deriving from its use, from the impossibility of using or having considered materials on this website or on any other connected website as reliable. In any case, the company’s liability for direct damage deriving from the use, impossibility of using or having considered materials from this website or any other connected website unreliable, cannot exceed – within the above-stated limits – 100 €.

6) Privacy

Generally speaking, the website does not contain requests for the visitor to provide personal information and it does not contain hidden technological tools that can obtain personal data from the visitor. In the event that the company invites the visitor to provide personal information, the visitor’s consent is requested, further to providing information, in compliance with the current laws in force regarding the protection of personal information. The personal data obtained is processed in compliance with the law. If the visitor has other doubts or requests regarding his/her privacy, they can write to the following email address:

7) Cookies

The company website does not use cookies to trace the visitors’ navigation habits.

8) Documents and visitor’s comments about the website

The company does not accept the sending of confidential or reserved information via this website. Any information or material sent to the company will not be considered to be of a confidential nature. The company has no obligation to check the information or content (including any project, file or other attachments) that the visitor sends to its website. The visitor guarantees that any information sent to the company or comments that the visitor sends to the company via the website does not infringe any intellectual property laws or any other applicable law. This information, content or comments will be handled as non-confidential and will not be subjected to proprietary or any other kind of restrictions. By submitting any information, material or comment, the visitor grants the company an unlimited and irrevocable right to use, display, modify and send such information, materials or comments, including ideas, concepts and know-how underlying the former. The company reserves the right to use such information, materials and comments in any way it considers suitable. However, you name will not be made public and it will not be advertised that you have provided materials or other information, unless:

(a) you have given authorization to use your name

(b) you are notified beforehand that the material or information you have sent to a specific section of this site will be published or use in another way under your name

(c) It is expressly required by law.

9) Applicable law and part invalidity

Italian law is applied to the herein conditions of use and, except for any inviolable legal provisions, any dispute deriving from or relating to these conditions will be subject to the exclusive competence of the courts of Rome. If any provision from the herein conditions of use should be considered invalid or non-applicable, the remaining provisions remain fully valid and effective.

10) Changes to the conditions of use

The company reserves the right to make changes and/or updates to the conditions of use without notice and at any time. By continuing to use this website, the visitor also accepts the above updates and/or changes; this page, therefore, should be visited regularly to check the conditions of use in force at any particular time.